Long Distance and 800 number Service

Learnkids is introducing another money saving tool.  We have partnered with PowerNet Global, to give you affordable long distance with an 800 number at the same rate and no monthly fees!  Because of our large number of our customers, the long distance rate is only 4.9 cents per minute, billed at six-second increments, and you can get an 800 number billed at the same rate.  The 800 number is the feature we really like.  If your child gets lost, or needs to call home, they can use the 800 number.  We set ours up to be the same as our home phone, but with the 800 part, instead of the area code.  For those parents of teens, remove those excuses like "I couldn't call home-didn't have a quarter!" 

Long Distance Phone Service
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Whatever your communications needs, our long distance phone service plans through PowerNet Global (PNG) Communications promise you:


  • Low flat rates (state-to-state, in-state and international)

  • No signup fees or installation charges

  • No contracts or hidden charges

  • Long distance phone service rates good 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • *Rates exclude taxes and FCC charges

"this is one of the best deals on the internet-Thanks Learnkids" ; "the 800 number is awesome-now my kids can always call home"; "great rates-easy online signup" ; "no hassels-great plan"; "i wish i new about this a while ago"

PowerNet Global Communications
PowerNet Global Communications

- - -  4.9 State-to-State
- - -  Low In-State Rates, Click for your state!
- - -  NO Monthly Service Fee
- - -  6-second billing

Incoming 800# can be forwarded to home number!

- - -  Business & Residential

Sign Up Now... call 866-693-0001or sign up


Optional-Printable Application to be Faxed

Fax to 707-667-7714



PowerNet Global Communications